I have decided to personalise this site a little in order to be able to blog.

We have a great team for removals and great deals on storage and yet there is only so many times I can write about that.

So instead, lets talk about storage and baggage and the different personalities that I encounter.

What should you store and what should you not store. I am a firm believer that we reflect our inner state in our outer world. If your inner world is chaotic and unorganised, chances are that your external world is going to look the same. We see so many different people store with us.┬áThe contents of each persons storage unit is so unique. I usually try to judge how well someone is going to pay by the content of their unit … and it turns out that it is not the depending factor. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some stories from characters that we have encountered over the 15 years of being in business. All anonymous and mostly true…from my perspective!

I hope you enjoy!