• Storage containers allow you to convert your apartment into a holiday rental!

  • Storage containers allow you to invite more family over to visit!

  • Storage containers allow you to enjoy your space and create a clean and calming environment!

If you live on the coast, this is the perfect time to escape the chaos. We pack up our house, put all personal belongings into storage and rent it out to holiday makers who enjoy the change of pace.

If you are looking for storage while you make summer plans, we offer a pick up service and excellent value for money. We are one of the most economical and trusted storage facilities on the coast.

For 8 cubic metre storage container, we charge 60€ / Month + Iva!

More info on prices here : https://moveit-storeit.com/storage-container-prices

Phone me on 696810618 or email today to book your container.

Wishing you a beautiful, stress-free summer 🙂